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DAS PE Court Fundraising Donors

We appreciate the following families, businesses, and individuals who support DAS PE Court Fundraising

Parent Name/Donor Homeroom Teacher/Business Name Donation
St. Marks Lutheran Church Council Local Church $10,000
DAS PVO Parent Volunteer Organization $5,378
Charter Resources DAS Connect Vendor&Business Partner $1,000
Royal Land LLC DAS Business Partner $1,000
PikMyKid DAS Business Partner $500
Kid's Theraphy Unlimited Inc. DAS Business Partner $500
Children's Choice for Therapy DAS Business Partner $350
Sarah Jenkins Mr. Almy&Ms. Shatto $100
Vanessa Herceg Ms. Atherholt&Ms. Pettinicchi $100
Catherina Alcubilla Ms.Kochick $250
Helen Ortega-Simons Ms. Broccard $100
Law Office of Cherie Cokoorinis DAS Business Partner $250
Dr. Caliskan DAS Board Member $250
Kenneth Winter Ms. Broccard $100
Tracey Arsenault Ms. Chapin $50
Hertz School Furniture DAS Business Partner $250
Holly Baker Ms. Morris,Ms. Hablutzel&Mr. Bartlett $100
Marguerite Winter Mrs. Broccard $100
Blanca Rossano DAS Teacher $100
Jessica Mills Mrs. Pettinicchi $100
Joselyn Readey Ms. Olmsted $100
Andrei Gaidukov Mrs. Morris $250
Christie Andersson Mrs. Morris $250
Jennifer Gulley Ms. Chapin $250
Dawn Knapp Ms. Pettinicchi $50
Kiele Stebick Ms. Olmsted&Ms. Chapin $100
Dan&Helen Simons Ms. Broccard $50
WALKER FORD Local Business-Ms.Hablutzel $100
William Mowery Ms. Adams&Mr. Procopio $100
Agron Elmazi Ms.Cott, $50
Caroline Chodura-Haase Ms. Ewing, Ms. Graham&Ms. Lowe $100
Lauren Szymanski Mr. Zehnder $20
Westshore Financial DAS Business Partner/Local Business $500
Michael Glanzrock Ms. Ewing $100
Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park and Funeral Home Ms. Adams&Ms. Ewing $500
Jennifer Smith Ms. Pettinicchi  $100
Kristen Smith Ms. Pettinicchi&Ms. Olmsted  $50
Robin Chaloune Ms. Kadic/Ms. Ewing/DAS Staff $100
Ronda Ory-Lettie DAS Teacher $20
Elizabeth Santi   $100
Emir Gradisic Ms. Shatto&Mr. Procopio $100
Mary Avedisian   $100
Harsha Verma DAS Teacher $250
Curtis Heppe DAS Teacher $100
Melissa Klayton Ms. Adams $20
Kay Tomes Mr. Thorelli  $10
Kaysie Agostini DAS Office Staff $50
Kate Hertrich Ms. Atherholt $100
Kaya Jill Ms. Shatto $100
Bruce Anderson Ms. Lowe $100
Landon&Easton Smith Ms. Hartman&Ms. Kadic $500
Brandy Chasteen Mr. Procopio $250
Thomas& Marjorie Balthaser Ms. Olmsted $100
Jenn Nocera Ms. Hablutzel $100
Sarita Baker Mr. Bartlett & Ms.Hartmann $300
Daniel De Zee Ms. Wolf  $250
Nevzat Balla *N/B Cleaning&Maintenance $150
Jesabel Corey Mr. Zehnder&Ms. Morris $100
Olga Pliusnina Ms. Pettinicchi  $100
Melihcan Duman Ms. Kadic $100
DAS Officer Jonathan Foote Mr. Hannon  $250
Diana Williams Ms. Olmsted  $50
Nena Maric Ms. Graham&Ms. Morris  $100
Vasyl Hural Ms. Olmsted&Ms.Shatto  $250
Theresa Gavitt Mr. Bartlett  $100
Krista McCormick Mr. Almy  $20
Lisa Vaughan Mr. Thorelli  $20
Serghei Strajascu NEW PARENT in KG  $100
Sultan Jan Ms.Chapin  $250
Andrzej Chmielowiec

Ms. Morris-- *A-Z Electric Inc.

Shane Smith Mr. Procopio  $100
Katie Robbins Ms. Kadic  $100
Kinga Rogala Mr. Zehnder  $100
Angie &Jim Reedman Ms. Olmsted $200
Mariusz Mirski  Ms. Hablutzel $20
Rimma Kavarig Ms. Broccard $250
Kelley Bellavia Mrs. Hablutzel & Ms. Davidson $100
Amanda Meagher  Ms. Adams $50
Maria&Neil Morrison  Ms. Chapin & Mr. Almy $100
Kristin Burns Ms. Wolf  $100
Barbara Walker Ms. Pettinicchi  $50
Sarah Rodriguez  Ms. Shatto $100
Sarimar Garcia Ms. Broccard $50
Krystal Diehl Mr. Thorelli  $20
Jennifer Fee Ms.Hablutzel &Mr. Bartlett $100
Marcel Feilinger Mrs. Hablutzel $100
Virginia Pepin Donat Ms. Lowe $100
Jill McNulty Mr. Almy $250
Jenna Westover Ms. Olmsted $100
Vanja Vojcic Ms. Ewing  $100
Shanda Hughes Ms. Ewing $100
Amy Dzaferi Ms. Olmsted $100
Stacee Broome Ms. Hartmann $20
Candy Mercado Ms. Davidson $100
Steve Kochick Ms. Kochick $100
Dan Ochvat Mr. Thorelli and Ms. Olsmsted $100
Mark Matarella Ms. Pettinichi $250
Erin Stokes Ms. Pettinichi and Ms. Cott $100
Thomas Norcia Ms. Ewing $250
Marie Dorn Ms. Ewing $100
Victoria Howard Mr. Almy $100
Emre Akbaba Mrs. Hablutzel & Ms. Kadic $100
  Total as of May 20, 2021 (8:00 am) $31,848
  Need $43,152

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The DAS Focus

The DAS Focus

Our focus is on STEM+R – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math AND Reading (writing is part of the reading effort.)


We are proud of our achievements since 2013. Click to learn more about DAS achievements.



DAS students combine academic skills with the spirit of teamwork, leadership and competition such as Science or Math Olympiad.

Our Results Speak for themselves!

Low student-to-teacher ratio and support, free tutoring
Hands-on learning in regular classes and lab-settings, where young minds get inspired. Innovative instructional methods that have proven track records
Regular evaluation to ensure students don’t get behind or aren’t being held back.
We work hard to make sure our graduates are prepared for the future.

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School of Excellence by Florida Department of Education!

What Parents Say

We are parents of two Discovery Academy of Science students, that have been attending for over five years now, and we are so thankful for their commitment to giving students the best educational experience possible. The staff, teachers and parent involvement at DAS are above and beyond what most traditional schools have. Their dedication and willingness to help each child, is truly what sets DAS apart from any other school. We are so grateful that DAS is a safe, caring, and overall educationally well-rounded environment that we feel confident sending our children to each day.

Outstanding academically and superior job at making kids feel good about themselves. Everyone on this campus seems happy to be at work and it shows in the way they treat everyone. There’s a special kind of commitment that you don’t find in every school. Couldn’t be happier for my grandchildren attending this school.

My daughter has been going to DAS for 2 years. She loves her school. The teachers and administration are absolutely wonderful...not to mention it's an A rated school! There is no doubt that when she's in school, I leave her in good hands and she's getting a quality education. We are lucky to have found DAS. Thank you for all you do!

DAS Recent News

2018 Regional Science Olympiad
Congratulations to Discovery Academy of Science Olympiad Team. Awesome Job 😊😊DAS Tigers competed at 2018 regional Science Olympiad competition ...
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DAS Annual STEM Fair - 2018 Annual STEM Fair - 2018 {gallery}stemfair18{/gallery}
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Awards Ceremony
DAS Awards Ceremony   {gallery}awards{/gallery}
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The DAS CONCERT BAND participated in The First Performance National Day of Celebration. The Music Achievement Council set aside November 15th, 2018 ...
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DAS Middle School Chorus
The DAS Middle School Chorus is comprised of all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who attend music class. Chorus rehearsals are held on the last class of ...
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FLL Team
Our FLL team – The Captivating Construction Crew competed in the Regional Qualifier last Saturday 1/25, at USF St Petes, the team came together to ...
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Sea Perch
Students in grades 5th through 7th competed in the Southwest Florida Regional SeaPerch Competition last March. Since August, the D.A.S. SeaPerch Club ...
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Spelling Bee Winners
Congratulations to our classroom spelling bee winners! These students will compete in our school level spelling bee on December 19. We will have one ...
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About Us

Discovery Academy of Science is a public charter school approved by the Pinellas County School District.



South Campus | Grades KG - 1st
1380 Pinehurst Rd. Dunedin FL 34698
Ph: 727-330-2424

North Campus | Grades 2nd - 7th
2817 St. Marks Dr. Dunedin FL 34698
Ph: 727-369-6361




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