PVO -Parent Volunteer Organization

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 PVO Executive Board


Kindle Miller - President


**Mother/Daughter Brunch

**Teacher Appreciation

**Box Tops


Charlcy Tait – Vice President


**Spirit Store

**Muffins for Mom & Donuts for Dad

Saran Mitchell – Vice President

**Spirit Nights

**Teacher Appreciation

**Valentine Exchange

Lourdes Benadives - Secretary

**Special Dance

**Father/Son Bowling

**Trackitforwrd.com and Level 1 and Level 2 status

Kiele Stebick – Special Projects Coordinator

**Special Dance

**Career Week

**Fill in where needed if available

Amy Dzaferi – School Liaison

**Teacher Appreciation

**Valentine Exchange

To contact one of the board members please use first and last name

(no space)@pvofordiscoveryacademy.com



PVO Event Calendar January 2017- May 2017



21st             Open House 1pm-4pm @ Pinehurst 

24th            General PVO Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

25th             Mother/Daughter Brunch Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

28th            Open House 12:30pm-4pm @ Curlew 

31st             Spirit Night Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 


(Meeting w/ student council for Valentine Grams) 

6th               Exe Board Planning Meeting (Closed) 

7th               Mother/Daughter Brunch Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

13th-27th    Yankee Candle Fundraiser (orders due on 2/28) 

14th            Valentine Grams 

16th            Spirit Night - TBD 

27th            Mother/Daughter Brunch Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

28th            Spirit Night - TBD



1st               Special Dance Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

                   (Additional meetings TBD by committee) 

4th               Mother/Daughter Brunch Event @ North Dunedin Church Social Hall 

                   (Positive female role model to attend with child.) 

6th               Father/Son Bowling Meeting @ Pinehurst 

                   (Additional meetings TBD by committee) 

8th               Exe Board Planning Meeting (Closed) 

9th               Spirit Night (Location TBA) 

23rd            Spirit Night (Location TBA) 

25th            Father/Son Bowling Event 

                   (Positive male role model to attend with child.) 


4th               General PVO Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

6th               Spirit Night (Location TBA) 

10th            Teacher Appreciation Meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst for both campuses 

                   (Additional meetings TBD by committee) 

19th            Exe Board Planning Meeting (Closed) 

20th             Spirit Night 

22nd            Father/Daughter Dance Event 

                   (Positive male role model to attend with child.) 

24th            Muffins w/ Mom and Donuts w/ Dad meeting 7pm @ Pinehurst 

                   (Additional meetings will TBD by committee) 


1st-5th          Teacher Appreciation Week 

4th               Teacher Appreciation Day 

1st               PVO Nomination form is sent home 

5th               PVO Nomination form is due 

8th               PVO Ballet is sent home 

11th            Muffins for Mom (Both Campuses) 

12th            PVO Ballets due 

15th            Exe Board Planning Meeting (Closed) 

16th             2017-2018 PVO Executive Board is announced       

Spirit Night (Location TBA) 

18th             Donuts for Dad (Both Campuses) 

19th            Career Day (Middle School)


Scholastic Book Fair – TBD

Box Top Project – TBD 

Magic Show – TBD

**Please note that dates, events and meeting locations can change according to testing dates and other school functions.


**Please remember to contact one of the Executive Board Members if you want to do something at or for the school that falls under activities or projects that are sponsored by the PVO.  This excludes classroom parties; please contact your teacher directly.  


**If you have any questions or concerns,  email Kindle Miller at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.