Lego WeDo Club

  LEGO® Education believes a hands-on, minds-on approach helps students actively take ownership of the learning process and develop 21st-century skills such as creative thinking and problem solving through real-life, engaging experiences.

We create a stimulating, hands-on learning experience, helping students engage their minds so they're ready for tomorrow's challenge. From literacy to numeracy, with LEGO® Education programs, we will explore language arts, applied sciences, and even early robotics in an exciting learning environment.
By playing with and manipulating the LEGO models, children experience pulleys, levers, gears, and wheels and axles while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance. The program is designed for use by teams of two or three children. Through their investigations, the children will learn to identify and compare test results. The activities will introduce them to concepts of measurements, speed, balance, mechanics, structures, force, and energy.