Museum of Science – Field Trip

  On September 10th, DAS second, third and fourth graders spent the day at MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). This is our second year experiencing their amazing exhibits and MOSI did not disappoint us!

All students had the opportunity to explore Disasterville,  a 10,000-square-foot dramatic and engaging public exhibition where guests are able to walk through interactive towns and experience the impact of a variety of simulated natural disasters.
Disasterville covers nine types of disasters: floods, hail storms, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.  In this setting, students were able to experience what it might be like to be in a tornado, hurricane, and earthquake or house fire.

The next stop was the Kids in Charge building where students were able to explore hands-on activities such as: the bed of nails, tug of war, human checkers, the Moon and much, much more.

Students got to see 3D Printing where they got a glimpse into printing of the future. They saw live demonstrations where 3D objects were “printed” – in 3-D!  They were also able to see how the 3- d software technology works.

Some classes traveled to The Amazing You exhibit. Here, students explored all the life stages from birth to the end of life. They also learned the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and active. Our trip top MOSI was informative, educational, interactive, and most of all FUN!