FT Desoto Field Trip

ft desotoThe second, third, and fourth graders took a field trip to Ft. DeSoto Park with Nature’s Academy.


Nature’s Academy specializes in hosting Florida “edventures” which focus on science conservation and cater to school, family and group organizations. Participants are exposed to a variety of exciting experiences, such as snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, guided nature walks and hands-on discovery at parks and science facilities throughout the state.

On this trip, students went on a nature hike, completed a coastal cleanup, took water samples, and investigated marine life present at the beach in Ft. DeSoto.   During the nature hike, students learned about the native species found in the ecosystem at the park. They got a chance to study Black, Red, and White Mangroves and even Prickly Pear Cactus.

After taking water samples, the students analyzed the water temperature, air temperature, and the salinity. Students also had the opportunity to use a dip net to try and collect different species that live in the waters at Ft. DeSoto Park.

Students found seahorses, a Pinfish, many Gulf Shrimp, and a variety of crabs