2018-19 After School Clubs Information

Please select the grade level group for your student.

South Campus - KG&1st grades club application    

North Campus - 2nd to 5th grades club application   this link is live now.

North Campus - 6th to 8th grades club application   this link is live now.




How/When do I sign my child up for the after-school clubs?

Starting on Orientation day August 8th for the south and 9th for the north campus

- Go to the Discovery Academy of Science school website (www.discoveryacademy.info) - On the website,
follow the link for the after-school club registration starting from orientation day August 8th and 9th
o NOTE: There will be 3 different links, make sure you choose the appropriate link for
your child’s grade level (K-1st, 2nd-5th, 6th-8th)

What are after-school clubs?
-DAS offers after-school clubs for students to participate in beginning directly after dismissal and ending
at 3:25 pm for north campus and 3:15 pm for south campus. Clubs will not be offered on Wednesdays or Fridays for the NORTH/SOUTH CAMPUS.
- Teachers plan/facilitate the after-school clubs

 What clubs will be offered on which days?

 Please click here to view the full list of clubs schedule and descriptions

 Do after-school clubs cost money?

-No, there is no charge to participate in the after-school clubs. However, several clubs may ask for a small
fee to cover special club expenses which will be shown in the club description

Does my child have to participate in the after-school clubs?
- No, your child does not have to join any after school clubs if he/she does not want to. If your
child does not have a club, he/she will report to the cafeteria at dismissal. It is HIGHLY encouraged

Is my child guaranteed to get into the club he/she chose?
-No, there is a limit of 20 students per club and the roster is chosen on a first come first serve basis. We
will do our best to place your child in the desired club but we can make no guarantees. That is why we
have provided a WAIT LIST option on the forms!

When do after-school clubs begin?
- Clubs will begin on Monday, August 20, 2018.