As we transition from the warm, inviting days of August into the crisp freshness of September, our school community turns its focus to a new character trait that's critical for personal growth and academic success: Responsibility.

Why Responsibility?

Responsibility is the fabric that holds together the integrity of any individual. It involves being accountable for one’s actions, following through on commitments, and understanding the impact of our actions on others. In the realm of education, responsibility is what empowers students to take charge of their learning, to be reliable peers in group projects, and to cultivate a sense of ownership over their school environment.

Recognizing Our Responsible Students

Just as we witnessed incredible demonstrations of respect last month, September has brought forth a new set of shining examples in our student body. Choosing our Students of the Month was as challenging as ever, as we have seen an impressive display of maturity and responsibility throughout all grade levels. Nevertheless, we are delighted to recognize the following students who have excelled:

Alden Camic
Alessandra Koths
Alexandra Iannone
Alexandra Weinberg
Amir Haliti
Aria Mora
Ariel Sevelin
Asher Elou
Athena Ramirez
Aurora Bushey
Barbara Rojas-Coiza
Baylor Hobbs
Caspian Bohler
Celine Tajeddine
Charlotte Choi
Charlotte Weinberg
Cole Hablutzel
David Elou
Delaney Haas
Dylan Lahmeyer
Easton Smith
Elijah White
Elisa Sevelin
Elissa Zakhareyev
Emilia Przetocki
Emma Franklin
Ena Kuc
Ferrari Cook
Gavin Bellavia
Grace Rymsza
Jeremiah Gonzalez
Julieta Istok-Garcia
Keenan Aumiller
Kiera Baacke
Laila Krivdic
Madeline Stigleman
Mathias Gutierrez
Matthias Crawford
Nicholas Demello
Nolan Cooper
Olivia Mercado
Raffaello Giacomazzo-Toscani
Reese Horsman
Rhiannon Bolek
Riley Barczyzowski
Sophia Vargas
Thomas McCarthy
Tristan Chavez
Victoria Vinogradova
Wade Robertson

These individuals have consistently taken responsibility for their assignments, arriving to class prepared, participating actively, and helping to create a supportive and organized classroom environment. They have also been leaders in various initiatives around the school, showing that responsibility extends beyond just personal tasks.

A Note of Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt thanks to you, the families, for your partnership in nurturing these qualities at home. It is evident that the lessons of responsibility taught in your homes are being manifested in our halls and classrooms. Your support and guidance play an indispensable role in shaping our students into conscientious and dependable members of society.

Let's continue this journey together, fostering an environment where responsibility is not just expected, but celebrated. Here's to a September full of initiative, reliability, and outstanding achievements!


As the new school year begins, it's time to recognize the exceptional students who have set the tone for a fantastic academic year ahead! The character trait for the month of August was "Respect," and we couldn't be prouder of our students for embracing this quality.

Why Respect?

Respect is the cornerstone of every positive relationship and is vital for the smooth functioning of any community. It means treating others the way you want to be treated, listening well, and showing courtesy to everyone, irrespective of differences. In a school environment, respect creates a culture of learning and inclusivity, benefiting everyone involved—students, teachers, and parents alike.

Our Outstanding Students

Teachers had a challenging time this month picking just one student from their classes because so many have been outstanding in showing respect to peers and adults alike. However, after careful consideration, we're thrilled to announce our August Students of the Month:

Adina Hashani
Amari Lewis
Amelia Anderson
Andronicus Balthaser
Angelina Mennone
Aubriana Morales
Blake Lenning
Carlos Duarte
Carolyn Newman
Christina Serrano
Daniel Mihalinec
Elona Cubaj
Ethan Franklin
Ezra Nazik
Gia Walton
Grace Behanic
Imogen Mora
Jaxon Martinez
Kate Choi
Kaydee Norton
Kiera Pimanau
Lina Evangelous
Luka Maksimovic
Madeline Stigleman
Mahir Eren
Marek Ochvat
Mathias Guiterrez
Matilda Markstein
Media Handzic
Meika Walker
Mila Melvin
Miles McDaniel
Nathan Osmanllari
Nolan Ledford
Olive Frost
Oliver Rey
Olivia Holmes
Owen Horseman
Riley Barczykowski
Sadie Lucas
Santiago Serrano
Sara Drozdziel
Selah Lopez
Steven Tate
Talin Isley
Timothy Verity
Viola Barber
Violeta Istok-Garcia
Zachary Koths
Zachary Steele

These students have consistently shown respect by listening attentively in class, assisting peers, maintaining a positive attitude, and, most importantly, treating everyone around them with dignity and kindness.

The Rewards

To celebrate their achievement, our Students of the Month will enjoy a special pizza and popsicle lunch. This not only gives them a tasty reward but also provides an opportunity for these students to bond and share their thoughts on how to further contribute to making our school a better place.

In addition, each Student of the Month will receive a free ticket to our Quarter One incentive event, which promises to be a fun and exciting experience for all!

A Big Thank You!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to you, parents and guardians, for instilling the values that make our students not just exceptional in academics but also in character. The seeds of respect you've sown at home are sprouting in the school community, and for that, we thank you.

Here's to a school year filled with respect, compassion, and exceptional achievements!

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