Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)

Students at DAS are always expected to exhibit appropriate behavior. However, to encourage students to go beyond the expected behavior, students will be recognized for “doing good.” Some examples are, but not limited to:

Assisting someone in need.

Volunteering to do an unwanted task.

Cleaning up after others.

Consistently having a cooperative spirit.

Exceeding requirements on an assigned task or assignment.

Tiger Bucks and Positive Behavior

A Tiger Buck will be awarded to students who are observed exhibiting behavior “above and beyond” expected behavior. Any DAS employee who observes a student engaged in this type of exceptional behavior can issue a Tiger Buck.

Students may be able to participate incentive activities to recognize such behaviors based on the number of Tiger Bucks they have accumulated. Incentive activities includes but not limited to followings:

  • Dress down
  • Special Activities and Drawings
  • Tangible Items

School – Wide Positive Behavior Rewards

A system of rewards to students who earn a certain amount of Tiger Bucks for exceptional behavior has been put in place to recognize those students for their achievements. Students can use their Tiger Bucks to purchase rewards of their own choosing at the DAS School Store. Some of the School-Wide Rewards available for purchase using the Tiger Bucks will be, but are not limited to:

  • Dress Down Days – these will be scheduled by Dean of Students. Eligibility for participating in these Dress Down Days is based on receiving no disciplinary referrals, Lunch detention, Administrative detention or ISS due to excessive conduct points. Students participating must follow the DAS guidelines listed under the section Dress Code.
  • Special Activities – Students who receive commendations will be eligible to participate special activities such as, breakfast/lunch with principal, teacher vs. student sport games, character camps and field trips etc.
  • Tangible Items- these are items which the students can purchase with their Tiger Bucks. These items include but are not limited to pencils, erasers, notebooks, water bottles, stickers, and select school spirit items.

Designing such reward activities at school is intended to encourage students to be responsible and make right choices. Creating and maintaining a positive school environment where students are recognized for their contribution to their community and excellence in positive behavior, nurtures student’s social emotional and academic well-being.

Student of the Month

Students who have not received conduct points, lunch detentions, or referrals and are observed exhibiting “above and beyond” expected behavior during each month are nominated by his/her teachers to receive the Student of the Month Award for excellence in behavior.


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