The DAS Focus

Discovery Academy of Science is dedicated to providing students the best chance to succeed as individuals and as citizens of our country and the world.

Our focus is on STEM+R – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math AND Reading (writing is part of the reading effort.) We believe that these are the academic disciplines that will provide students with the critical thinking and communication skills necessary for success in the world of tomorrow.

We work hard to make sure our graduates are prepared for their future. Providing students with the means to achieve at the highest level requires:
• Helping students to learn how to learn
• Using every Best Practice available to supplement and enhance student learning
• Making sure that every student gets the right support at the right time

The mandatory FSA tests – Florida State Assessments – are important, but we believe that our responsibility is to do more than just "teach to the tests." We go far above and beyond in our expectations and our commitment to our students.

In the individual curriculum areas, you will read about the resources we have added to support students:
• SRA Imagine It! – Programming for reading and writing from McGraw-Hill education
• Everyday Mathematics – Math learning resources from the University of Chicago
• Interactive Science – Special resource from Pearson Educational Publishing

We use other online/computerized supplemental learning tools, advanced teaching techniques and empowerment of our teachers to be innovative and creative to ensure our students have the best chance to realize their highest potential.

Fun Supplements

These online programs aid learning with engaging, interactive lessons and activities that take advantage of students' enthusiasm for online games and technology.

Study Island Students can either work through online lessons at their own pace or be guided by their teachers. Students don't memorize answers, they learn topics directly related Florida Core Curriculum and areas covered by FSA testing.

Math Games
Students learn to identify and work on their own math (and reading) capabilities -- strength and weaknesses --throughout the school year. One game, Math Craft, is based on the popular Mine Craft but adds math concepts into the fun. As they progress, students actually make up games of their own.


There is a competitive aspect -- If a student gets a high score on a certain benchmark he or she is considered an expert. There is a cooperative side as well. Other students then know they can go to "the expert" who will help them. Different grade levels work together as well, like third graders with kindergarteners.

Field trips and school visits by "VIP's" also make learning even more fun in areas like Social studies

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About Us

Discovery Academy of Science is a public charter school approved by the Pinellas County School District.



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